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Abras Limited is a corporation of efficient team of commodity traders. We trade on consumable and non-consumable products. With a solid network of reliable manufacturers, producers and farmers around the world we are able to meet your demand with our quality branded products or even adapt to your specifications; whether as a small or big retail stores, mega supermarket chains, co-operative societies or government agencies. We will supply on any order quantity from shiploads to pallets.

We can proudly say, we deliver on our promises combining expertise with commitment, excellence and premium quality. That is the best way to describe us.

As an outsourcing business our consumables Unit majors in the distribution and supplies of various agro-food products such as Rice-basmati rice, Long and short grains, Pulses-Beans of all sorts, Baking and different meal flours, Sugar- ICUMSA 45, Brown Sugar (Refined and Natural), Various ethnic Spices and Condiments, different kinds of Fruit Juices and Beverages, Tined Vegetables, Tined Meat, Tined and Dried Fishes, Pastries- Spaghetti and Macaroni, Different Plant and Vegetable Oil-Palm, Olive, Rape seed, Peanut, Sunflower oil, Coffee and various Fruit tea sorts, and Food drinks.

Our professional Non-consumables team will look after your need in Organic or Chemical fertilizers-Humus Organic, Chicken and Fish Grows, NPK, UREA, Ammonium or Potassium Phosphate, Pesticides, and Cement.

As facilitators and mandates to approved petroleum product marketers and consumers, we will assist you in dealing for Bonny light Crude Oil at a MOQ of 2m barrels on contract or spot basis, whether as a buyer or seller. We will welcome queries regarding any other commodity of your interest as our list and contacts are in-exhaustive.