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About Us

What you must know about us:

We pride over our excellence in premium quality and elegance, stocking varieties of agro food products including unique basmati rice, Pastries, different meal flours, Edible oil, and other nutritious processed cereals and vegetables in wholesale quantities.

Our products are processed and milled under strict hygienic condition, with the most brilliant and prestigious qualities from the best farmers in Asia, South America, Africa and the European Union.

At present, our main brand is "Royal Club Pure" Basmati rice; better described as extra-milled, extra-lengthy, silky polished, non-sticky with original basmati aroma from the Himalayas. It is very ideal for special occasions and prestigious home dishes, clearly distinguished from the junks which have flooded the market in the name of basmati.

Just know:

  • We can consistently supply you any quantity of our product you demand.
  • We operate customer focused oriented services; making sure we do all in our reach to support and keep you in business with products that exceed your expectation in terms of quality at a very competitive price.
  • We offer you the flexibility of ordering/re-filling your order from the comfort of your bedroom and having it delivered in 24/48/72hrs (depending on the country) with our secured, easy to use on-line order and Purchase service.
  • Our food products are made and packed under strict health and hygienic condition as laid down by Food Standards Agency, Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the EU.
  • Our brand packaging is unique, beautiful and prestigious and stands out in the shelves amongst other brands.
  • We offer you free exchange/return opportunity for damaged consignment for all our customers in UK and EU.
  • Our management team consists of well qualified graduates with professional experience to respond rapidly to meet your needs and demands.
  • Our free trial product for you is a testimony of our product quality and standard.
  • And finally, when you buy from us you can be sure of two important things: the very best quality and the very best possible price that you simply won't find in any other warehouse.

Our customer service team therefore will be glad to take your call on +44 798 3167573 or +44 121 3569814 or +44 755 3844967 to discuss your needs any of our business hours:

Mondays - Friday 9.00am-18.00pm GMT Saturdays 9.00am- 5.00pm GMT

You can also send us an enquiry on our website at or send us an e-mail at