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Non-Food Products

Our Non-food Products offer a wide range of Product such as chemical and organic fertiliser NPK, Urea 46%, Di-Ammonium Sulphate (DAP), Ammonium Sulphate (AMSUL), Mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP), Potassium Sulphate powder (K2O50%) Calcium nitrate CA(NO3)2 Granules, Muriate of Potash (MOP) and Potassium nitrate.

Our stock of organic fertilizers includes: Humus Organic Soil Conditioner (HOSC), in granular and powder form that adds nutrients to the soil thereby improving soil fertility for the plant's healthy growth; CATTLEGROW and AVESGROW specially prepared to nature and rear animals to quick maturity and healthy potential; And decomposers- SUPER DEGRA and SUPER GROW.

Other products include Cement, consisting of both grey and white cement of British, American, European and international standard.

With a state-of- the art facility around the world we are able through the help of our trusted partners and manufacturers to fill any size of order, way to ship loads of these commodities.

Our Non-food product sections with reliable supplies network involving major oil producing refineries and fellow allocation holders around the world provides refined products such as D2, JP54, and MAZUT 100-75 to private individuals, government or agencies on FOB or CIF basis.